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Rainbow Knit


I can see a rainbow! Classic navy knit with a pop of colour.

Made from beautiful soft cotton knit this jumper has no itchy scratchies about it.

Washable in cold water, then lay out to dry.

Sizes are in years (eg: fits 2-3 years)


Just a little reminder that all screens display colour slightly differently. We have tried to make the photos of our products appear as close to the colour and texture on screen as they do when you hold them in your hands.


Blue Size 2-3, Blue Size 3-4, Blue Size 4-5, Blue Size 5-6, Blue Size 6-7, Grey Size 2-3, Grey Size 3-4, Grey Size 4-5, Grey Size 5-6, Grey Size 6-7, Navy Size 2-3, Navy Size 3-4, Navy Size 4-5, Navy Size 5-6, Navy Size 6-7, Rainbow Size 2-3, Rainbow Size 3-4, Rainbow Size 4-5, Rainbow Size 5-6


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