millan& | Love & Care


millan& cool leather products have been lovingly handmade therefore, each is individual in some way. Leather is a gorgeous natural product, each hide being slightly different, adding to the beauty and uniqueness of the leather.

millan& leather products can be wiped with a damp cloth. Baby wipes work well to get surface marks off. If the leather gets wet in the rain, don’t dry it with a hairdryer as it will leave a water mark, let it dry naturally. You can scotch guard millan& leather, just make sure it’s a product specifically designed for leather.

Try not to overload your cool leather bag by carrying around your dog in it. Sometimes soft leather can stretch and not return to its original shape. Overloading your leather bag may also result in damage to the handles and that would be a shame – you’d have to carry it around on your head.

Leather will always have slight markings such as groovy wrinkles, minor marks and cute small dents. None of these are defects but indications of the genuine leather. Lots of love and time has been put into selecting the leather and making our leather products. They deserve the best love and care, which means tucking them into bed with you at night.

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